How To Choose The Right Equestrian Horse Riding Footwear

Equestrian wear, equestrian clothing, equestrian stuff everywhere – but the chances are that if you do not practice horse riding or if you are new to it you do not know what equestrian means. Equestrian is derived from a Latin word, and the equestrian order was one of the most high society orders of ancient Rome. Nowadays, the term equestrian is used to describe horse riding activity. So, throughout this article we will tell you how to choose the right equestrian horse riding footwear, meaning how to choose the best horse riding shoes or boots.

Well, the first thing you must ask yourself is: What kind of horse riding activity are you involved in?

There are a lot of different activities to perform while horse riding. Do you only ride casually on flat land or on the street just for fun? Do you ride competitively and jump barriers and obstacles and all of that? Are you a mountain rider or an all terrain equestrian rider?

All these factors matter because of the amount of stress on each activity are what regulates what you should be wearing while performing these activities.

For starters can casual riders, if your activity is not very stressful, like if you just joyride or ride around your town, you should choose some simple leather boots that are low end – so that you have high mobility and good level of comfort.

On the other hand, if you ride competitively and like to ride full speed and jump obstacles or do some mountain riding – you should invest in some thicker and sturdier boots, those kinds of boots that rise up to your knee and provide you with resistance and are sturdy enough to support most of the stress generated.

A piece of advice from us; do not buy equestrian wear that may hurt the horse or damage your equipment.

It is a bad idea to buy equestrian boots with spores. Don’t injure your horse, that is plain stupid – there are other ways to make your horse go faster and that don’t leave a mark on the poor animal.

Don’t think you are a cowboy, but if you use equestrian activities to role play buy retractable spores, the kind that have the visual effect but don’t touch the horse.

The bottom line is, look at your activities and the purpose of them and choose your equestrian footware and equestrian wear accordingly.

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