Equestrian Style in Your Home

Your love for horses doesn’t need stop at the barn. Horse people enjoy having decorative horse elements in the home. Whether you are a lifelong equestrian, an admirer of horse sport, or someone who loves the equestrian look, having equestrian style in your home adds character and tradition. How you bring equestrian elements together can make the difference in telling a story or having your items overlooked.

Equestrian style was popularized when Ralph Lauren hit the fashion world by storm. He made both nautical and equestrian styles livable for mainstream people. It became possible and affordable to have the sporting lifestyle look. And while many people took up stirrup pants and hacking jackets, decorating with equestrian style has been around for hundreds of years. Look no further than the English countryside. Whether you have acquired equestrian pieces from the barn, or you are just starting out, giving your home or space an equestrian estate feel is not difficult. As with any design, the key is to start with a plan that includes well-thought-out furniture placement and a good color scheme. Traditional furniture works best when designing an equestrian style space. Dark, substantial wood furniture with good quality upholstery or leather gives mind to the English countryside, where most equestrian trends originated. Steeped in custom and tradition, equestrian elements have changed little through the centuries. Garner ideas from books and magazines, or search the internet for ideas.

Once furniture placement has been established, anchor the space with a good rug. Vintage rugs protected fine wood floors from muddy hunting boots, numerous hounds, and country parties. These rugs were handmade and vegetable dyed. Today’s production rugs lack some of the character of the older rugs, but can still lend the style and are always a smart choice to bring a space together.

Equestrians love art, and art that includes the horse is always a favorite. Some equestrian artists have stood out through the years, with George Stubbs being immensely popular during England’s sporting days. His works are traditional, beautiful, and have color schemes that are easy with which to work. Reproductions of his paintings are available on the internet.

No equestrian space would be complete without horse tack, the equipment leather goods used in riding and training horses. Whether you choose stainless steel stirrups or bits, old horseshoes, or leather strap goods, these pieces strategically placed are key elements to bring your space to life. A favorite of ours is a silver mint julep cup used to hold pens or flowers. Stirrups make good bookends. Harness brasses can be framed or mounted cleverly over light plates. Snaffle bits can serve as window panel tie backs. Equestrian books are another design element that is readily available and brings authenticity to your space. These books are available as novels, training books, or picture books.

To add softness and comfort to your space, yet still maintain style, consider adding needlepoint or horse themed equestrian pillows. Throw pillows come in many styles and colors. Look for traditional fabrics and authentic embellishments like fox hunt buttons, harness brasses, or other pieces of horse equipment.

Bringing equestrian style to your home or space adds character. Horses have had a close relationship with man for most of human history. Only since the invention of the automobile have we been so distanced from him. Bring equestrian style to your home by using these design ideas, and bring horses into your decor.

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Summer Show Riders – The Proper Equestrian Show Apparel That Scores Points

The high heat and humidity of summer in the show ring can leave you looking wilted and performing less than your best. Instead of the fresh, crisp, elegant look you were striving for, you and your horse can lose that winning edge. The right equestrian riding apparel makes all the difference in how well you ride and how good you look in the show ring.

Of course, looking and feeling your best doesn’t start in the show ring. As athletes, you and your horse must train regularly, stay hydrated and eat properly. Assuming you have done all of the necessary homework, it is then up to you to acquire the proper equestrian riding apparel to ensure that you and your horse leave the ring as winners.

Show Clothes & Dressage Essentials

The components of classic equestrian show clothes can vary somewhat, according to your riding specialty. Hunt seat is slightly more casual than dressage, but both require elegance and classiness about them that expresses the cool, calm confidence the judges are looking for in the show ring. Regardless of the brand of your show shirt or show jacket, be sure that they are clean and neatly pressed.

Show coats should be dark or a shade of beige or gray, while show breeches are always light colored, usually white, tan or beige. Brands such as Tuffrider, Equine Couture and The Tailored Sportsman are all safe bets. Equine Athletics, Equine Couture and The Tailored Sportsman offer fine show shirts. Ladies should wear a ratcatcher and choker or stock tie while the gentlemen wear button-down shirts with a tie or stock tie. Your Tuffrider tall boots will either be field or dress style and always black. Black gloves will add a touch of elegance to your overall presentation. Additionally, you must wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet with a harness. Colors are usually black or charcoal-hued.

Details Make The Difference

Once you are dressed in your equestrian riding apparel, you need to take a second look and ask yourself what details could be added to your equestrian show clothes to make you stand out in the judge’s eyes as the next Champion. Little touches, such as discrete make-up, neatly coiffed and beribboned hair or a crop that matches your gloves may not seem like important components of your equestrian show clothes, but the subconscious mind picks up many more details than the conscious mind is aware of, and judge’s minds are quite discerning. These little touches can mean the difference between winning and placing second or third.

Cleanliness, neatness, style and decorum are all important aspects of the way you present yourself in the show ring. Be sure to bring extras of your equestrian show clothes, just in case something becomes dirty or torn. It is always a good idea to protect your equestrian riding apparel prior to entering the ring. One big horse sneeze and your immaculate presentation may look more like a barn brawl. Baggy T-shirts pulled over the top of everything can save you frantic moments of stress and grief just prior to entering the show ring.

Online Shopping For Show Clothes

There are many online equestrian riding apparel providers to choose from. To ensure that you receive the best service possible while shopping for your equestrian show clothes, look for interactive and informational services, extensive search and delivery options, easy to read sizing charts and products made with high quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Your online supplier should provide you with information regarding the fabric, fit and style of your purchases. Online shopping offers the convenience of shopping from home, but be sure to stick with well known and highly respected equestrian riding apparel brands to ensure your satisfaction.

Looking And Performing Your Best

When you look good, you feel good, in or out of the show ring. When you look and feel good, and you carry yourself better with shoulders back, chin tucked and elbows in, giving you overall a better riding position as well basic good posture. Wearing high quality equestrian riding apparel will make you feel more comfortable, look and ride better and earn you higher points in the show ring.

You can be the greatest rider in the world and still do poorly in the ring if you are not dressed in the appropriate equestrian riding apparel. Each item of equestrian apparel should be carefully considered for its fit, look and feel. It is far better to pay a bit extra for something well made. Quality equestrian show clothing will help you to feel, look and perform your very best.

First impressions are powerful tools in your show arena. When you enter the ring, the judge will observe the overall image you and your horse create. The judge will look for neatness, balance, elegance and controlled athleticism. You can add to this crucial first impression by carefully considering each piece of equestrian riding apparel and riding equipment you will be using. Purchasing high quality equestrian show clothes and ensuring that you look your best in the show ring will significantly increase your likelihood of placing at the top of your class.

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